Thrown under the bus…

Fun fact…..losing your voice sucks!! Especially when you have kids, even more so when you have lost your voice the day you decided to visit a large amusement park.

This past weekend we decided to head down to Busch Gardens with another family.  A fun family weekend getaway sounded like a good idea.

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Parenting tips (Parent vs Child Translation)

I am convinced there is some underground network of kids who are undermining us as parents.

Just like there are a million and one different parenting books, I am pretty sure there is a secret organization of kids writing counter-parenting books and selling them on a kid black market.


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Orkin Summer Scientist Giveaway

Spring held off a bit but has finally arrived.  Last week my wife was saying how last year we spent a bunch of money on plants and they all died out (or got trampled by kids).  But somehow, overnight, our hostas and our tulips all sprouted up and began to bloom.

Our front yard is starting to look nice. The kids have been playing in the backyard just about every day for the past few weeks.  I’ve even had the chance to grill a few times!

This is all good and fun, but it also means that the inevitable return of mosquitoes will soon be upon us. Fortunately, the folks over at Orkin are already a step ahead and have some helpful tips and hints for controlling mosquitoes in our yard this year! Continue reading

Dear Target and other “accepting” bathrooms….


Target has made headlines with allowing people to use whichever gender bathroom they identify with.


Being accepting of everyone is something we try to promote to our children.  I get that.

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This is how birthdays work…

Just a quick rant about birthdays…

So my daughter is turning 10 soon.   The typical parent thing to do is post a picture of her as a baby next to a current picture of her and say something like “I can’t believe my baby is turning 10!!!”

I’m not going to do that.  Want to know why?  Because I CAN believe my daughter is turning 10! Because I understand the concept of time!

Maybe you remember back in elementary school they taught about the rotation of the Earth?  Perhaps, you have seen a calendar in your life time…. Obviously, you have because you have marked your child’s birthday on this calendar.


Even without modern technology, people were able to figure out that it takes 1 day for the Earth to rotate, a day and a night, 24 hours.  This happens 365 times as it travels around the Sun.  One trip around the sun is what is known as ONE YEAR.  This is how children age.  So each time the sun rises and you get out of bed, you can now believe that 364 more times of that and it will be your kid’s birthday again!


Maybe I’m missing something though…. Have these parents on social media somehow figured out time travel?   Sometimes I imagine that these parents (who post the side by side pictures) put their kid to bed one night and the next morning woke up with a 10 year old.

Like the movie BIG.  If that were the case, then I would be in the same boat. I would not believe my child was 10.


But, I have witnessed the 365 rotations of Earth for the past 10 years.  So I’m pretty stoked she is coming up on rotation number 3650. She has made it around the sun TEN times!!258774-birthday-cake

The stuff of nightmares….

Our kids are at that age where they think they can handle stuff on their own now.  As parents we try to warn them that they aren’t ready but they try anyway.

Recently our kids have been getting into Goosebumps and scary stories.  We have warned them on multiple occasions that they are going to get freaked out and we don’t want them watching that kind of stuff. But they insist they aren’t scared. Continue reading

Yo-Kai Watch is not a question….

Not too long ago my 7 year old son was watching something on Youtube.  My daughter walked over and asked what he was watching. He was pretty engrossed in whatever the video was. With no response from her brother, I heard her say “Yo-kai Watch”

My first reaction was “Oh God, it’s happening… my children have reverted to using single syllables to make conversation.”

I’ve read about this in books.  When a younger sibling comes along, sometimes the older child will revert back to baby-like behavior to vie for the attention of their parents.

Did my daughter just ask “You can I watch?” using three syllables that sounded like “Yo, kai, watch?”

Then it dawned on me, Our youngest child is 5 years old. She speaks in full sentences using multiple syllable words…..

“What are you guys watching?” I ask.

“YO-KAI WATCH!!!” they exclaimed.


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Can we please stop doing this on Facebook?

Facebook is a funny thing.  I really despise it actually.  The only reason I have a Facebook  profile, is because it was required to have a page for this site.  I don’t post to my personal page very often, if at all. Plenty of people tag me and I look at it to see updated pictures of friends and their kids and stuff.

For the most part Facebook really is like an accident on the side of the highway.  You want to look forward and keep driving, but you can’t help but to look over and wonder what’s going on.

There is however a disturbing trend I have witnessed on Facebook that I think guys (everyone really) should put an end to…. Continue reading

A nod to my Step Father

Next Up on the list of people who inspire me to be a better dad, my step father Bill.


Unfortunately it seems like stepdads get a bad rap. There are a ton of movies/shows out there where the kids can’t accept the new “dad” in the relationship.  It’s not until the end of the movie that the kids finally realize the guy isn’t all that bad.

That was pretty much the same case when my mom told us she was getting remarried.

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A Nod to an awesome mentor….

So I said I wanted to start off 2016 by talking about the people who inspire me and encourage me to be a better man and father.

When thinking of the type of dad and person I want to be, I think of a few qualities that I want to possess:

Be a man that builds up and encourages my wife and children

Have strong relationships with my wife and each of my children

Be strong in my beliefs

Be active in my community


Kevin is a man that I look up to that possesses those qualities.


Kevin is an all around awesome dude. He is a solid man of faith too.  The cool part about it though, is that he doesn’t force the Bible down people’s throats. He simply lives out his faith. It’s pretty awesome to see.

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